2020-2021 Officers and Council Members

Executive Officers of the Council

President — C. Gaelyn Garrett, MD MMHC
President-Elect — Michael S. Benninger, MD FACS
Immediate Past President — Sigsbee W. Duck, MD FACS
Executive Vice President — Myles L. Pensak, MD FACS
Assistant Executive Vice Presidents
Mark S. Persky, MD FACS
Harold C. Pillsbury, MD FACS (Emeritus)
Treasurer — Andrew H. Murr, MD FACS
CME Coordinator — Stephen S. Park, MD
Research Liaison — Gerald S. Berke, MD FACS
Social Media & Culture Coordinator — Michael M. Johns III, MD

Members of the Council

Section Vice Presidents
Eastern — David E. Eibling, MD FACS
Middle — Dana M. Thompson, MD FACS
Southern — Donald T. Donovan, MD FACS
Western — Marilene B. Wang, MD FACS
Section Secretary/Treasurers
Eastern — Natasha Mirza, MD FACS
Middle — J. Paul Willging, MD FACS
Southern — Adam M. Zanation, MD
Western — Maie A. St. John, MD
Thesis Chair — Daniel G. Deschler, MD FACS
Laryngoscope Editor-in-Chief — Samuel H. Selesnick, MD FACS
Laryngoscope Investigative Otolaryngology
Editor-in-Chief — D. Bradley Welling, MD PhD FACS
ENTtoday Physician Editor — Alexander G. Chiu, MD
Military Liaison — Michael E. Hoffer, MD FACS