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Did you miss the Peer Review session at the Triological Society Combined Sections meeting? A summary of tips on how to be a better peer reviewer is available here from Michael Stewart, MD, MPH, editor-in-chief of The Laryngoscope, and Mark Courey, MD, associate editor.

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Laryngoscope Investigative Otolaryngology
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Read articles with top Altmetric scores published this past year in Laryngoscope Investigative Otolaryngology
427 Acute findings in an acquired neurosensory dysfunction
8 Proton pump inhibitors: Review of reported risks and controversies
7 Cognitive Functions in Adult Cochlear Implant Users, Cochlear Implant Candidates, and Normal-Hearing Listeners
7 Temporal Bone Histopathology of X-linked Inherited Alport Syndrome
6 In-office treatment of nasal valve obstruction using a novel, bipolar radiofrequency device
The Laryngoscope
Read articles with top Altmetric scores published this past year in The Laryngoscope
467 pH-neutralizing esophageal irrigations as a novel mitigation strategy for button battery injury
24 Laryngeal manifestations of cranial nerve IX/X compression at the brainstem
24 Vocal Hygiene Education Program Reduces Surgical Interventions for Benign Vocal Fold Lesions: A Randomized Controlled Trial
23 Effect of a dairy diet on nasopharyngeal mucus secretion
21 Continuous laryngoscopy during provocation in the assessment of inducible laryngeal obstruction
21 A prospective study for treatment of nasal valve collapse due to lateral wall insufficiency: Outcomes using a bioabsorbable implant
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New Column Spotlight: Rx: Wellness
This new column is focused on physician wellness. Articles run quarterly and are authored by Jennifer Villwock, MD, and Julie Wei, MD.

Leadership, Engagement, and Well Being
Increasing Your Commitment to Your Own Health
The Importance of Finding Colleagues You Can Confide In

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